A little about me

As a kid I wanted to be an animator. I watched a lot of cartoons and used to draw my own comic book characters. I thought it was my destiny to create the next Simpsons or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

After graduating I pursued a career in animation only to realise animation wasn’t for me after all. #nowwhat?

I decided to hone my skills in web design, landed my first job as a designer at a mobile media agency and the rest they say is history.

I’ve been working as a designer now for over 9 years and over the past few years my passions have led me to specialise more in UI/Responsive & App design. I’m all about creating modern, clean, well thought through, useable interfaces.

This page is dedicated to some of the things that I love and I hope this gives you (whoever you may be) a little insight into who I am and what I’m all about.


  • I’m very confident with Adobe products with a solid understanding of Photoshop, Illustrator & Sketch 3.
  • With a background in animation I understand motion and can animate in 2D.
  • I’ve years of experience of taking wireframes and creating pixel perfect designs and guiding the whole creative process through to delivery.
  • Basic prototyping experience with Marvel & InVision.
  • Good working knowledge of front-end technologies.
  • Always have an eye on latest technologies, patterns and techniques.
  • Experience of overseeing developers.
  • Relentless attention to detail.

Well travelled & open minded

I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve travelled and seen much of the world. When I was younger (lol!) I backpacked through Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and America. I believe that traveling helped shape me into a more well-rounded person, opened my eyes to different cultures and hopefully helped in some ways make me a better designer as well?

Footy mad

I was born in Hull, raised in Worcester, I live & work in London, so naturally I support Manchester United! Duh!

Additional interests

I’m very passionate about Illustration and I channelled that energy into creating my own company Sketch Your Pet, an online pet portrait service with a twist, I take a photo of your pet and turn it into a cute caricature.

Get your pet sketched today

And finally…

Meet my buddy

Yep, I have a little black pug called Buddy. He’s ace! At some point when he’s a bit older I’m going to teach him to design banners and emails so I won’t have to!

Limited Company Details

Company name: Hell Yeah Design Ltd
Company number: 08290057
Registered address: 20 Sansome Walk, Worcester, WR1 1LR
Date of registration: 12/11/2012
VAT number: 151016166

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